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EcoCentric Burl and Curly Maple
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Welcome to EcoCentric, the home of a unique product line. We specialize in Bigleaf Maple Burl mantles, shelves, desks, staircases, sinkbasins, door and window frames, etc. We also specialize in custom orders and would love to help you find the right LOOK for your project
All wood sales of boards and blocks are exempt from the wholesale only restriction. IF YOU ARE MAKING A PRODUCT FOR RESALE YOU CAN BUY OUR BOARDS AND BLOCKS


We offer a varied product line, with an appeal to the building and home decor market, for wholesale production. We also are one of the few suppliers for most Northwestern figured maple and burl outlets so shopping here will cost you considerably less. We also have a production of some rare and unusual maples, such as pink-dot heartwood with leopard spots and dotted lines of white on a brilliant pink background, as well as exotic SPALTED maples where the bacterias we culture create a variety of patterns that are unique to EcoCentric alone.



Click here to link to MILLWORK OUTLET, our retail outlet.

If you are a RETAIL customer, please view our products available, and you are welcome to order thru EcoCentric, but all sales must be through our retail outlet, MILLWORK OUTLET, at EcoCentric is WHOLESALE ONLY.





Product Overview

Burl, curl and quilted maple block, board and slab.
4/4 to 24/4 thickness for bookmatching
Natural wild "burl" edge on all products
Spalted, pinkdot, and rare Picture spald boards
Mantles 5" thick
Corbels for mantle supports
Sinkbasin countertops
Desks like no other
Shelves that hook invisibly in the wall
Large slab or bookmatched tabletops
Table legs like you've never dreamed of
Factory standard 7 1/2" X 3/4" X 40" high figure door panel inserts for that dreamhome
We also specialize in CUSTOM products, so don't hesitate to Email us at