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EcoCentric Burl and Curly Maple


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Doors, Frames and Arches

EcoCentric is happy to announce it's NEW line of doors and frames. We have door styles and frame designs that can be adapted to all needs. We will be glad to customize all options to suit, as well as design a new door for your application. OUR NEW PRODUCT LINE IS CARVED RELIEF GRAIN CEDAR, with hand carved 3" deep arches for a head and foot, for a 36"x3"x7' door like no other! e mail for details!

The centerpiece of the house is the doorway, and we make it attractive. Our door styles are very different and adaptable. All panels, rails and patterns can be modified. We can provide heads for: gothic equilateral, lancet and dropped arch; segmented, semielliptical and semicircular. We also specialize in four-centered heads.

Our doors are like no other, they are the pride of the shop. The hours spent on handcarving relief patterns and raised panels is phenomenal. We make solid slab single and double door sets, and specialize in hard to get gothic curved heads. We also make 3-D heads that leap out (or away) from you. These are only a few of the options:

Door height, width and thickness
Head styles: gothic equilatel, lancet or dropped arch
segmented, semi-elliptical or semicircular
3-D toward, away or 2 sided head
Frame styles:Handcarved raised borders, native plants
Figured, bookmatched, relief carved
Finishes: Weathered, antiqued, hand hewn jamb
Natural edge on inside of head and sides
Cedar sides 3-D with burnt, raised grain, hand hewn jamb
Factory standard panel inserts of burl/curl/spald


Burnt Door Frame: Burnt and burnished edge with footed bottoms, top flared on edges
Outside 96"tall 2"hand hewn bead for jamb outside width 54"
Inside fit to door: 36"wide 90"tall
Cedar: $1500.00

Wildflower Door Frame: 3" thick borders carved around 1" background. Carved Wildflowers come up from the bottom on thick carved stalks, flower faces stand out 2" from background. Carved Ferns in the top corners and vines draping down sides stand out 2" from background. Sides 16"wider than door, top 18"taller.
Custom fit to door PRICES FOR DOOR 7'6"x 36"
Poplar: $2600.00 Cedar: $3400.00



Our doors are the perfect example of how far architectural design can go. This is my favorite door, the darker areas are pink (or dark red) heartwood, and the rest is customized. The panels actually stand out 2" from the door, giving it a 3-D feel. I don't know any other doors like these. Can be fully customized


Our doorframes are one of a kind. You can choose from two wood types,poplar or cedar. The poplar frames are cut thick to be carved with a border of vines and wildflowers sprouting up out to the viewer, and ferns and trailing vines coming down from the top. A very dramatic and warm approach. All flowers and carving can be customized. The cedar frames are in two varieties where the first is like the poplar frame, cut thick and carved, and the second is with a burnished edge of black, as shown in picture, brushed and carved to accentuate the grain. the cedar has been burnt in fires 100 years ago, and can give a texture like no other, still sound, clean, and finished.


This semi-circular double is one of our favorites. It contains picture spald in the small panels on top, burl in the rails and figured maple throughout. Can be customized.


Door Panels: 7.5"wide 40"long 3/4"thick
Figured Maple: $28.00
Quilted Maple: $36.00

All spalted panels comes standard epoxy coated
Spalted Maple: $44.00
Picture Spald Maple: $60.00
Figured Picture Spald: $76.00
Burl Picture Spald: $98.00
All picture spald is double surface spald