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EcoCentric Burl and Curly Maple


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Ecocentric is the home of OLD WORLD MANTLES. We take pride in being one of the only providers of such a product. We can make all types of mantles: Curved Bottomed mantles with natural wild edge, serpentine front mantles, and any custom you could imagine. We also provide CORBELS like none other, with clusterburls or natural bells.



Mantles and shelves need to fitted to the wall, or to recieve tie in bolts, prior to installation. We DO NOT fit.





Mantles and Free Hanging Shelfs

Our mantles and free hanging shelfs are one of our best sellers. Below is a list of options for the custom buyer. Because of their width, all mantles and shelfs come with waxy end-coat on the endgrain to prevent from cracking in variable weather. This should NOT be removed. All stock options are marked (*). Please be patient for all non-stock (custom) products.
Options include:
serpentine edge, concave edge, curved bottom edge
bottom burls, figured/no figure, spalted,
deep or shallow depth, longer or shorter,
slope of front edge towards or away from viewer,
thick (5") or thin (2-3"), unusual shape very wild,
holes in surface, wild or mild edge,
full enclosure (surround) or corbels (supports),
four centered or squared.


We provide three main styles, which can be customized. They are burl corbels (bowl shaped), tapered corbels (5" on top, 3" on bottom) and square corbels, with natural edge and clusterburls.


Small Mantle: 3"thick 8-10"deep 60"long
Maple: $130.00 Cedar: $160.00
Medium Mantle: 5"thick 10-12"deep 72"long
Maple: $210.00 Cedar: $240.00
Large Mantle: 5"thick 12-14"deep 84"long
Maple: $260.00 Cedar: $300.00
Rollback Front Mantle: Rolls out of wall 14", curves down 8" and rolls back towards wall 3". 96"long
Figured Maple: $350.00
Curved Bottom Mantle: Natural bottom edge curves from 4" in center to 12" on sides in an even arch, 10-12"deep, 72"long
Figured/Quilted Maple: $420.00

Corbels: Natural wild edge, angled or rectangular, bookmatched sets of two
Approximate dimension: 4"top face, 12"wall face, 5-7"wide
Maple: $80.00 Clusterburl Maple: $140.00
Burl Bell Corbels: Natural bowl shaped burl, split in two with flat top, sets of two
Smooth Burl: $200.00


Standard Shelf: Curved natural sloping front edge. 36"long 3"thick 6-8"deep
Maple: $60.00
Clusterburl Shelf: Clusterburls on front edge. 36"long 3"thick 6-8"deep
Figured Maple: $80.00
Curved Bottom Shelf Natural bottom edge curves from 1" in center to 5-6" ends in even arch
8-10"deep 36" long
Figured /Quilted Maple: $120.00

contact us at 360 866 8196 or email